Donate your handmade items to the Victorian Bushfire Appeal

Now I know that we’ve all been told that money is what’s needed most but frankly – I don’t subscribe to that point of view.  Craftsters who make handmade items really enjoy what they do but most of all – enjoy giving them to others.  They love the feeling of satisfaction that comes from making something with their own hands and seeing (or just knowing) the joy it brings to the recipient.

I personally think money is important – but so are things and things are what these people need as well – useful things such as clothing, blankets, toys, household goods.  Handmade items are so much more personal than commercially-made ones plus you have the added benefit of the love put into each one.

So, reject this idea that money is the most important thing you can give these people and donate some handmade items to the appeal.  If you have a blog or website, you can put a button (just like the one below) on it to show support.  Just visit for details on what to donate, where to drop your items off and who to contact.

Come on Aussies!  Come on and donate handmade!

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