A Felted Dog Lead

I can’t remember where I saw this idea, but did remember that I had some lobster clips that I bought for $1 each at Spotlight that needed using and since I have been on a felting kick this week, thought “Oooo, what can I do with my leftover Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride?”  ” I know – I’ll spool-knit and felt a dog lead!”

So, I set to work.

Tools needed – 1 x 6 peg knitting spool (knitting nancy).  I used my Canadian hardwood ones which I have in-store.  Also, scissors, wool needle, embroidery thread (the thick stuff for cross-stitch and other needle-arts).

Yarn – Lamb’s Pride Worsted – 100g skein (I used about half a skein)

The whole process was really very simple – cast on (I used the e-wrap method) and knit your I-cord until you’re happy with the length.  I knitted until my cord was 1.5m long (unstretched).  It took me about 3 hours all up.

Cast off – I used a simple bind-off method of using a yarn needle threaded with the yarn tail which I cut off when I was finished, and going under/over through each stitch, lifting it off the spool and then drawing them together by pulling on the tail until the end closed up.  I cut off this tail and then used the same piece of yarn, still on the needle, to bind off and tighten up the cast-on edge.

This is what it looked like pre-felting:

You can see the lobster clip and the little tails of yarn at each end.

Here’s a close-up of the lead, before felting:

You can see the stitches quite clearly.

I chucked it in the machine in a lingerie bag, with a fleece jumper and a shirt (in dark colours and able to withstand hot temperatures).

Here’s what it looked like after about 1.5 hours at 60 degress C:

Now it measures 1.2 metres (unstretched).

Finally, I sewed one end around the lobster clip, then sewed the other end into a loop and cut off those pesky yarn tails.  I used my DH’s extra-large hands as a guide when making the handle.  I used 4 strands of embroidery thread (DMC) in a largish needle – has to have a sharp point to be able to push through the felt.  I went backwards and forwards across the seam to make sure it wasn’t going to come apart.

And this is the finished product!

If you’d like to make one, but haven’t learnt to loom-knit, get yourself a knitting spool (I have some new, cheaper ones coming in soon) or try your local Spotties.  Read the info on this website – Loom Knitting Help – a fabulous resource for all loom knitters – newbie or not!

You can also use your spool for making I-cord for bag handles.  You can do it on regular ol’ needles, but frankly, who can be bothered??

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