THE Ultimate Knitted Longies Pattern Book!

My daughter is 3 and a half and has been toilet-trained for a year now, so you may be wondering WHY I would want to knit longies (woollen nappy covers) for her?  Well, I know they’re functional, but I really like woollen pants – there’s something very cute and old-fashioned and personal about knitting something for your child  – something not mass-produced.  AND they’re really warm!

So!  Now I have TWO challenges –

1.  Finding the time to make them

2.  Converting the fabulous pattern I have just bought into longie knitting in the round, wait for it…on a loom!  LOL!  A loom you say???  What the???  Can it be done, you ask???  Well, I’m about to find out, aren’t I??

I’ve settled on a loom – The baby afghan regular gauge from Decor Accents (coming soon to my store) – this is an oval-shaped loom with 112 pegs.  Now, my daughter was measured using the formula in my pattern book and I am required to cast on 108 pegs.  So, I’ll use the full 112 so if they’re a little big, that’s okay, they’ll still fit next year.  I also imagine that you can knit larger sizes on the loom by using the next loom up – the Decor Accents Extra Small Gauge with 151 pegs.  There’s also the fine gauge loom which has 196 pegs!! The only problem is, as you go down in gauge, you also have to go down in yarn weight, but as long as you use 100% wool or merino (NOT superwash), they should turn out fine.

I’ll let you know how I go – watch this space!

Oh, and if you’re a needle knitter and want to knit longies for a baby you know (or have!) you MUST get this book – fabulously written, very clear, lots of instructions and diagrams and pics – you can’t go wrong!

It’s written by a lady called Maggie Broderick and she’s in the US.  This fantastic book can be found here.

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