My first pair of Ladybugz Crocheted Longies!

I have just finished my first pair of Ladybugz crocheted longies!  I made the size small.  I hold a cottage license so hope to make many more (in my spare time – LOL!).  For the uninitiated, longies are also known as soakers – lanolise them and use them as cloth nappy covers.  I used longies on my daughter when she was in nappies and they worked a treat!

They were crocheted with Cleckheaton Country 12 ply 100% wool, in a nice kiwi green and pale mauvey/grey.  I use two balls of the green and half a ball of the mauvey/grey.  I got the cleckheaton at a spotlight sale for $2 per ball so they worked out quite cheaply!

These are the front

These are the back – note the gusset which is part of the design to give more room for cloth-nappied bottoms

This is a close-up of the waistband.  The ribbing is created by HDCing around the front of the post of the stitch in the row below, and the HDCing around the back of the post of the next stitch in the row below.  Phew!!  I’m getting confused and I’ve already done it!  But the instructions are very clear.  The drawcord is crocheted as well – too difficult to explain – you’ll just have to buy the pattern!

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