Delia’s Dishcloth

delia's dishcloth

This was a dishcloth pattern that a customer of mine developed from a shop sample I had here at American Yarns.  It took us several goes to get it right, but we finally got there, so in honour of its creator, here is the pattern for Delia’s Dishcloth!


Worsted-weight (10 ply) cotton (Lily Sugar ‘n Cream, Creme de la Creme or Peaches and Cream)


1.  Chain30


2.  Double crochet into 5th chain from hook (counts as DC and chain 1 space)

3.  DC into next chain, chain 1

4.  Skip next chain

5.  DC into each of next 3 chains, Ch. 1

6.  Skip next chain, DC into each of next 3 chains.

7. Continue steps 5 and 6 to end of the row, ending with a DC in last chain.  You will have:  6 x 3 DC groups, 7 x ch 1 spaces and a pair of DCs at the start of the row.


1.  Chain 3, skip first 2 DC, DC into 3rd DC.

2.  DC into ch 1 space, DC into next DC (you will now have a ch1 space at the beginning of the row, followed by a group of 3 DC across the ch 1 space of the row below.)  In this row, the idea is to ‘fill-in’ the CH 1 spaces of the row below, in a chequerboard pattern.

3.  Ch 1, skip next DC, DC into next DC, then DC into Ch1 space and the next DC after that (group of 3 DC completed)

4.  Repeat step 3 until 1 DC and turning chain remains.  Ch 1, skip next DC, 1 DC in turning chain of previous row. (You will have 6 x 3 DC groups, 7 x ch 1 spaces and a DC at end and a turning chain at the beginning of the row).


1. Ch 2 (counts as the first DC of the 3 DC group), DC into next Ch 1 space, DC into next DC (1st 3 x DC group made)

2. Repeat Step 3 of Row 2 until the last DC of the last 3 DC group.  DC into this last DC, then DC into each of the top chains of the turning chain from the previous row.  (You will have 7 x 3 DC  groups and 6 x CH 1 spaces)

REPEAT ROWS 2 and 3 until desired size is achieved.

To finish, single crochet around all edges, placing 2 x SCs in each CH 1 space on alternate rows.

* NOTE:  This pattern is free to use, reproduce or to make dishcloths from which can then be sold.

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