Is this the last Panda Zoomy in existence?

Ever since another blogger Salihan Crafts asked me for a substitute for Panda Zoomy, I have been obessed with this yarn!  It has now been discontinued so it’s been a race against time to find the last remaining balls and did I hit thejackpot on the weekend!

K-Mart Arana Hills, Brisbane, has now been cleaned out of their stock of Zoomy – for $2 a ball!!  Considering I’ve seen this yarn for $7 a ball at Spotlight, I could not believe my eyes!  $2 a ball – yippee!  I’d bought the pattern book some weeks before and so I was thrilled to have found enough to knit all these cute outfits for my kids – only problem is – I can’t knit !  LOL!  So I will have to pay someone to do it – any takers??

Zoomy Pink – colour 37 – 10 balls

Zoomy denim – Colour 50 – 22 balls

Zoomy Blue and Green – Blue Colour 53, 3 balls and Green – Colour 72 – 1 ball

Zoomy pattern book

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  1. Hi from Holland,
    Wow that is some stash!I just purchased the cute pear/apple pattern on etsy from Salihan and now I just found out that this is discontinued!I do hope they will come up with a similar yarn,because I would love to start on the pears/apples!I am looking for a substitute also so Salihan has got us both going I guess:))Lots of dutch greetings xoxo Dees

  2. Hi Dees,

    I used to be able to get the substitute which was called Red Heart Zoomy – made in the USA – same yarn, different brand. You may be able to get some on EBay USA. Or try searching for it on Ravelry. Sometimes people have some in their stash they want to sell. I found the lime colour was the hardest to find on sale.

  3. Hi Congrats on your stash!! I was wondering if someone could send me a copy of the chils beanie in Zoomy. I also have a stash and bought the book a couple of years ago but alas I cannot find it. Thank you so much

    1. Hi Irene,

      thanks for your comment – please send me an e-mail to: info (at) yarnover (dot) com (dot) au so I can arrange something for you.

  4. I’ve had great success using two strands of 8 ply together. It might come out a little smaller, but the patterns are generously sized anyway. If you use two different colours together, you still get the varigated look too.

  5. If you still want Panda Zoomy, Australian Country Spinners factory outlet shop in Wangaratta, Victoria, has heaps of it for $2 a ball. They are the manufacturer and have mail order available. It’s a great shop to go into if you are passing through there – worth the detour off the freeway.

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