Now that I’m on a roll…Weaving!

I’ve been selling the Schacht Cricket Loom since earlier this year and FINALLY got around to making up the shop sample!  Yippee!!  I’m getting so much done these holidays so far. 🙂

I stuffed up while warping the loom and had half the warp threads under the warp beam and half over the top!  Doh!  After I did some video searching, found some help and then re-threaded so now it makes the shed properly.  (Forgive me if I’m losing you – non-weaver).  I’m using the Brown Sheep Nature-spun sport that came in the kit and the scarf pattern specified as well.  So far, so good, but not real happy with the edges – tension is a bit off – no matter – I’m sure will improve with practice!  Any suggestions from other weavers out there why it pulls in at the left??

This is my first weaving project after all – so if I can do it, I’m sure other absolute beginners can!  The Cricket is great for small projects and a fantastic loom to learn on before progressing to bigger ones such as a Flip loom or floor loom.

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