THE Bible of Tunisian Crochet

I’m so excited!  My book “Encyclopedia of Tunisian Crochet” by Angela Grabowski arrived today:

“Arnie” Grabowski is a genius!  After struggling for so long to find a good book on this wonderfully versatile crochet method, I was thrilled to have found this one.  It covers EVERYTHING you need to know about Tunisian crochet and Arnie’s writing style means the instructions are clear and easy-to-follow.  The only comment I would make about this book (currently in its second printing) is that the next edition would be better in colour.  If you love Tunisian Crochet and would love to expand your skills and knowledge in this area, then this book is the perfect place to start!

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  1. I lived in the USA for 12 years & did some Tunison afghans etc. I have many patterns, most from 20 years ago. Perhaps I could share these as I don’t know of nayne else here in Victoria that does this. I am about to look for a few larger size needles as the ones I bought with me are a bit small.

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