Lacy Crochet Kerchief

This year, I am again Craft Stall coordinator for the Ferny Grove State School fair where my son goes to school.  I have been thinking about what to make for the stall that is quick and easy.  Apart from dishcloths, what else can I make?  I got some inspiration from the March ’08 edition of Yarn Magazine.  They had some pretty knitted patterns of kerchiefs!  Well I can’t knit of course so went searching for some crochet patterns and voila!

A super-pretty feminine crochet kerchief pattern that is FREE!

I’m off to use up my left-over bits of stash.

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  1. How cute – I did not realise that you were not a knitter. You will have to let me know when the market is on – I am school searching at the moment and Ferny Grove is on the shortlist.

    1. I am a machine knitter but can’t handle the slow pace of hand-knitting – I am all for the best results in the fastest time possible! LOL! The fair is on Sunday 16th May. Stop by the craft stall and say hello!

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