My first crochet kerchief

I posted earlier about needing some quick and easy projects for my son’s school fair – I am craft stall co-ordinator again this year.  i found some free crochet kerchief patterns and made one up last night with some Schachenmayer cotton which I got on EBay.  it’s a 10 ply thickness – really soft and shiny – you could use any 10 ply multi yarn, such as Lily Sugar ‘n Cream:

Lacy Crochet kerchief

This is a close-up looking down.  Here’s a side view:

Lacy Crochet Kerchief side view

Here’s a close-up:

Crochet Kerchief-close-up

The pattern can be found here.  It calls for a bulky chenille, but you can substitute for a finer yarn – you just have to do more rows – I just kept going until it fitted correctly – super quick and easy – I managed to whip it up in an hour.

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