Chenille Square Sewing Projects – pillow and baby blocks

I’d had these chenille squares in my fabric stash for ages and finally got motivated to do something with them for my son’s school fete which was last weekend.

I got nine chenille squares which were pre-cuts from EBay – there’s a lady on there who cuts up old chenille bedspreads and sells the squares for quilters. I originally bought them to use in a quilting project, but decided not to.

Anyway, take nine squares in co-ordinating or contrasting colours and arrange so you’re happy with the effect.  Sew them up in rows of three in a block, then sew each three-square block with the others to make a nine-patch cover.  Repeat for the other side.  Sew both sides of the pillow together along all four sides – but on the fourth side, only sew about 2 inches along at each end.  This leaves a hole big enough to put a pillow form in.  I used a Size 14 form for the smaller one and size 16 form for the two bigger ones.  Then I turned the cover right side out, inserted a pillow form and then sewed the open seam up by hand.

I had a few blue squares left, so decided to make some chenille baby blocks to go with the cushions.  Simply take 6 squares and sew up in a cross formation.  This makes the sides of the cube.  Now, right sides together, go around and sew all the sides of the cube together until you’re left with one open side.  Turn right-side out and stuff with polyfill, then sew up the hole by hand.  I added a metal jingle bell into the centre of the polyfill before I sewed the cube up, but you don’t have to add one if you don’t want to.  You can also be tricky with some embroidery or applique if you have time – I didn’t, hence the plain appearance.  LOL!

Et Voila – a chenille square baby block toy!

Oh and they sold really quickly on the day!

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