Lace knitting on my Singer Memomatic 322

Lace Knitting

The other day I FINALLY found the time to knit with a punchcard on my Singer memomatic 322!  I chose a lace card as I wanted to knit a scarf for my sister from some Bendigo 4 ply cotton which I was given in the sale of another machine I bought.

Turned out beautifully!  The whole project took 3 hours from start to finish and the cotton required minimal blocking and hardly curled at all which was great! In the pictures, you are looking at the wrong side of the knitting.  Didn’t get a chance to take pics of the finished product due to the fact that I had to post the scarf off realy quick (my sister lives in London).

Looking down at the scarf hanging between main bed and ribber
Closeup showing needle spacers - designed to keep edges straight and prevent dropped stitches in lace designs
Closeup of punchcard in action
Close-up of back of scarf (wrong side)

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  1. hi can i ask how this was done? was this done with a lace carriage, or was it done on punch lace? cheers

    1. Hi,

      This was done with punch-card 3A. The memomatics don’t use a lace carriage, you just start off with the punchcard, set the needles and you’re off!

  2. I have just inherited a singer memo matic 323 knitting machine unfortunately without any instruction books PLEASE CAN SOME ONE HELP ME WITH A COPY OF INSTRUCTION BOOK I CANNOT WAIT TO USE MACHINE AND I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I AM DOING YOURS APPRECIATIVELY CHERYL

  3. i just got hold off a singer mamo matic 322 and ribber and we are trying to set it up could you help us please
    regard julie

  4. I just bought a secondhand singer memomatic 321 and it has lots of stuff with it but I don’t know where to start to see if it has everything I need to knit. Do you have pictures of the parts of your machine that you can post (with names) so I can see if I have them too. Do you know anyone who teaches machine knitting? I’m in Upwey, Victoria in Australia.
    Please help me ……I am a desperate, frustrated, wanna-be machine knitter:)
    Kind Regards

    1. Dear Gwenda,

      You’ll need to get a hold of the manual for your machine – it will contain a labelled parts diagram. Try or that. Try googling the machine knitters’ club of victoria – they are very active – I’m sure you will find someone to give you a lesson there.



  5. this is amazing, I just bought a singer 321, without manual, but I found on scribd the manual for 322 323, I think some of the features are the same, but not sure at all, I have the cards too ! I keep on searching on the web the manual, I can´t wait to start knitting, the scarf absolutely gorgeaus, very inspiring…

  6. I was given a singer memomatic for mothers day and I have some 4 ply cotton from Bendigo Mills.I would like to make some scarves for friends using my lace punchcards. I dont know what thread I need to use with the cotton for the lace. Hoping you can help.

    1. I bought some clear nylon thread online years ago but I’m sorry I can’t remember where! Try Google?

  7. This looks great!

    I recently acquired a machine like yours, but I assumed you needed a lace carriage in order to do anything but punch lace??
    Would you mind sharing the settings other than the punch card used? You already mentioned it’s 3A. But was your carriage just set to stockinette, or what did you do?? I’m quite curious what you did, also I have not yet used those yarn dividers which you attached to the edges and am not sure how they are used, though I got them with my machine as well.

    Any additional info would be much appreciated!

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