Look what I just bought!

Here are some pics of my new Bellinky Baby Linker:

Bellinky Baby Linker

I call her ‘Binky’.  Welcome to the family Binky!  May you bring us many happy years of fuss-free making-up and of neat, perfectly seamed garments in record time.

Note that Binky is straight – makes for quick, easy seaming! Straight linkers are quite unusual, I am told….

Knitting placed on the comb - ready to be linked

One leg finished

10 Replies to “Look what I just bought!”

    1. I bought it from the Treasurer of the Queensland Machine Knitters – I just happened to be at her house to pick something up and she told me she was selling it – just the right place at the right time.

    1. You start halfway along the garment edge and then go down to the edge. Then turn it around and start from the centre to the opposite end.

  1. Hello,

    I just got a Bellinky from someone who wanted to throw it away.
    Unfortunately she didn’t have the manual anymore. Do you have a manual? I don’t know how many pages there are, but would you be prepared to scan and mail it to me? I have no idea how it works.
    Or is it easy to explain in a mail?

  2. Thank you Gabrielle. I didn’t know I had to look back here for your answer, so I mailed you a bite late, sorry. But I send you an e-mail the 4th January. I hope you received it.

  3. I just got a Bellinky Linker from a noce lady on EBay. Unfortunately it is missing the comb with the needles. Can anyone tell where I can find one?

    Many Thanks!

  4. Ive just found your blog , and guess what I have one of them binkys under the house Ive been wanting to know what it is. Wow I just inherited a KH91 Empisal SNAP now I’m way too excited to get any study done… Ta

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