My handspun…

Here are some pics of some recent handspun:

The one on the left is the remnants of some pink and green multi wool which I got from the US and the one on the right is a grey, purple and olive mix – also purchased from the US.  Most of the pink one was plied with some pink silk (pictures coming).  The purple multi one I just left as is.  I’m most happy with the pink multi – turned out quite well and without too many over-spun fibres.  The purple one, I was having trouble with my tension, so lots of over-spun strands there.  For subsequent projects, I have changed to a super-slow whorl on my Schacht Matchless wheel and this has decreased the amount of overspun significantly.  I am finding as my spinning progresses, that I am enjoying wool fibres more than anything else.  Have recently been spinning alpaca/wool/silk and this turned out okay, but was hard to draft – very slippery with lots of flyaway fibres everywhere!  I am a lazy spinner and prefer to draft my tops/plaits into long thin strips so that all strands will spin to an even thickness.  If I try to spin directly from the top, it is overspun, thick and thin and generally disastrous!  I know the idea of handspun is so it doesn’t look too commercial, but I guess I like everything to be even and ‘pretty’  LOL!

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