Machine-knitted kid’s pants

Here are some pics of my most recent machine-knitted project – a pair of pants for my 5 year old daughter:

Machine-knitted kid's pants, size 6 - merino superwash

I knitted them on my Empisal KH680L machine back in March but it has taken me this long to get them finished!  I used some Cleckheaton baby merino superwash wool in a red multi and solid red, that I got from Spotlight for $2 a ball a couple of years ago.  The wool is very soft, but it was a major pain to weave in all those ends from the ball changes!  (Each ball is only 25g).

I used the pattern from my Empisal pattern book – pants and skirts and it went okay.  I had a little trouble with the short rows, but eventually worked it out.  The short rows at the bum mean that the rise on the pants is higher at the back, which is what you want.  I did a simple folded hem at the base of each leg and then sewed up the waist on my Singer sewing machine using a stitch for knitted/stretchy fabrics, which I am particularly pleased with.  I knitted the size 6 as I wanted to get a coupple of years out of them – they are too long, but the rise seems to be okay.   I sewed up the legs on my Bellinky linker, with sewing thread, which I won’t do again as the thread was too fine.  I managed to get some cheap fine cotton cones at the Qld Spinners open day on Sunday (just gone) so will use that next time.

Now that I have the hang of pants, my next project is making a pair for me!  After I finish my husband’s vest, and a friend’s baby blanket, and another blanket, and another skirt…… (sigh)  The list is endless!

My own label
Back view of pants

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  1. Hi! I am writing from Italy (Rome), and I just bought the fabulous Bellinky linker. Here it is impossible to find replacement needles. You know where to find it by chance? You’d be very grateful.
    Hello and thank you.

  2. Thank you, very kind to answer! ‘ll Let you know if I find the article because these people are looking veeery needles.

  3. Hello. Can you provide me with more precise details for the event to find parts of the needles Bellinky? Mounted on the needle on my machine it says ORGAN 22. I tried to find the needle in the Singer industry, but there are several!
    Thank you for your kindness.
    Greetings from Rome

  4. Hello!
    I would like to know if you have tried the singer industrial needles for your bellinky, if so what number of needle you tried?
    it’s just that I’m about to buy a Bellinky, but I want to be sure that I could replace the needle
    thank you very much


  5. I have just bought a KH680 knitting machine. The manual with it is for the KH710 and the K carriage is different. Is there any chance you could copy the manual for me as I can’t find one anywhere on the net. Or point me toward a copy.

    Thanks Kathy

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