Crystal Palace yarns now listed and available to Pre-Order

Delicious Crystal Palace Mini Mochi, Panda Cotton and Panda Silk are now listed on my site and available for pre-order.  Our order is going out in mid-September.

Here is a quick summary of each yarn.

Mini Mochi:

I have already raved about this one on my blog, but it really is wonderfully soft and so pretty to look at!  It is a fingering weight (4 ply) 80% wool, 20% nylon, slow self-striping yarn.  Mini Mochi is fab for socks but also great for baby items, scarves, shawls, accessories and fine garments.  There is also a Mochi Plus (worsted weight) and a Chunky Mochi listing on my website soon.

Panda Cotton:

Panda Cotton is also a fingering weight yarn (4 ply) – a blend of 59% bamboo – 25% cotton – 16% elastic nylon.

It is great for socks for the hot Aussie climate and also great for those allergic to or who dislike wool.  Vegans love it too!

Panda Silk:

Another fingering weight yarn – great for socks – the silk gives a lovely sheen and the bamboo lends lovely softness.  Also fab for baby layettes or baby items, oh and shawls!

52% bamboo
43% machine washable Merino wool
5% combed silk

204 yds/50 gr.  7-8 sts/inch

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  1. I made socks from Panda Cotton and they are wonderfully soft. My next pair I’m going to make a bit larger. I don’t think they shrank, but I knit them on US #3 and they are a little more snug now that they have been washed.

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