Kollage Yarns Feed Your Creativity Program – Cassandra Cowl

Finally I have the shop sample of the Cassandra Cowl finished, blocked and sewn!

It is smaller lengthways than it should be.  The finished sample according to Kollage specs is supposed to be 6″ x 20″.  Mine was 7″ x 16″.  So it really only fits a nice thin-necked person a la Audrey Hepburn, buuuuut it looks okay.  Shows off the yarn nicely.

This is it being blocked:

I bought some cheap foam tiles from Crazy Clarks, laid out a towel on top and then blocked it with T-Pins.  The pins just pushed straight down into the foam and held there firmly – worked a treat!

And this is the cowl laid flat after I sewed on some buttons from my button stash:

Cassandra Cowl - flat after buttons sewn on

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