Machine-Knitted Prettiness

Now I realise it is a bit warm for chunky Lamb’s Pride shrugs, but wanted to show you my first-ever project knitted on my Chunky Empisal Knitmaster knitting machine:

Chunky Lamb's Pride Shrug

It is knitted in Lamb’s Pride Bulky – colour ‘Blue Magic’.  I used just under 4 skeins.  It is big on Dollykins (who is a svelte Size 8) – I am a Size 16 and it fits me nicely (even over my batwings LOL!).  It is very flattering if you happen to also be a large upper-armed woman as you can wear it over a t-shirt/singlet top and not be afraid of people pointing and laughing at you in the street.  he he he…

Anyway, to make it I cast on 40 stitches on the lightest tension (10) and knitted in a 2 x 2 rib until it was 41 inches long.  I then washed and blocked it and folded it lengthways so it looked like a rectangle with the long edges folded towards the middle to create the centre seam.  Starting at the edge (the short sides)  I just sewed up (using mattress stitch) towards the centre of the rectangle, trying it on as I went to ensure there was enough room for me to get my arms in at each side.  Once I was happy with that, I sewed up the other end to the same length.

For the edges of the sleeve, I just made a simple picot crochet trim:

Join yarn with a slip stitch just beside the seam, * CH-3, SC into the first chain in the chain 3 you just made – this forms the picot, then slip stitch into the next stitch along.  repeat from * all the way around until you get to the beginning – slip stitch into the bottom of your starting chain.  Fasten off – repeat for the other arm and …

Voila!  One nice warm shrug which is quick to make and hides all manner of upper arm sins.  🙂

Shrug from the back
Close-up of the crochet picot trim on the arm

The scarf that Dollykins (thanks to my courier Dani for that nickname!) is wearing by the way is a hairpin lace crochet scarf done in some Rowan linen print which I’ve had in my stash for years.

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