2011 Crochet-Along – Rainbow Ripple Afghan

Welcome to our first CAL for 2011!

This year we will be crocheting a beautiful ripple afghan in Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece.

The ‘mystery’ element will be in the order of the colours chosen for the project. They will be centred around the ‘rainbow’ theme so we guarantee the colours will be bright and cheerful – just perfect for injecting a splash of colour into your living room or a child’s bedroom.

The pattern is INCREDIBLY simple – the joy of this project is in the rainbow ripples of colour – I can’t wait!

Okay, so here are the details:

Crocheted ripple afghan in ‘rainbow’ colours, ONE skein each of:

Tangerine Cream OR Barn Red
Candy Apple OR Hearty Merlot
Blue Paradise
Robin Egg Blue

February 2011 - Rainbow Ripple CAL - colours

Supplies needed
4.5mm crochet hook
sewing-up needle

Start date:
February 14th – Valentine’s Day

How does it work?

The pattern will be given 2 weeks prior to the start date. Simply order what you need online – we guarantee to have at least 10 skeins of each colour available from the end of January. I will also have a kit available to pre-purchase if you prefer to get everything at once. If we get any stragglers or late starters, there will be a delay while we order the colours required.

There will be enough yarn to complete the afghan and an optional cushion as well.

That’s it really – I will be working on the project at the same time as you so if there are any questions, feel free to contact me: info (at) yarnover (dot) com (dot) au.

I’ll be blogging about my progress and also updating over on Ravelry.

We really hope you can join us on this fun and colourful CAL for 2011!


4 Replies to “2011 Crochet-Along – Rainbow Ripple Afghan”

  1. I am new to Internet networking so I may have missed what this project is all about. I am interested in how I grasp the idea of CAL, but need to understand exactly what CAL is really?
    Do we have a TIME LIMIT to create an afghan with 10 balls of a specific yarn in different vibrant colours beginning 14 Feb using a prescribed crochet pattern? Then, do we take photos of it & send it into American Yarns? If so, is this to compare the variations that different crafters will create by their interpretation of the pattern, the order of colours and the sizes produced etc. This would be very interesting.
    I am very interested and probably would prefer to purchase the kit available though I am concerned if there is a time limit as I only put in a small amount of crocheting per night as I work at my husband’s company which means wy work-week is always > 40hrs/week.

    1. Hi Chrisella,

      CAL stands for Crochet-a-Long. The ripple afghan we are making is two rows in each of 7 colours, repeated 4 times – for a total of 56 rows. It will be in US double crochet/UK treble crochet so it will be a fast project. We start the afghan on february 14th, with two rows done in our first colour. Every 3 days, you will be completing 2 rows in a different colour, with the colour we are working on, announced on Monday and Thursday of each week. After 3.5 weeks, you will have the first section of the afghan done – simply repeat that section another 3 times and you’re done! We anticipate it will take about 3 months to finish and be done in time for Winter in the southern hemisphere. You’re of course, welcome to send in a photo of your finished project – we’d love to see it!

      We hope you can join us!


    1. Just keep an eye on my blog – the pattern will be posted there on February 14th and we will have regular updates on colour changes for each row – basically there are two rows per colour and the next colour will be announced every week – so it is kinda like a mystery crochet-along in that respect. Have fun!


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