Sewing Project – Baby Blocks and Scottie Dog

My cousin Steve and his wife Natalie are expecting their first baby around my birthday in March and for the last few months I’ve been busily making things for them. Yesterday I spent the day sewing some cute baby blocks and a scotty dog (although I may keep the dog for myself!).

The Scottie Dog is a pattern called ‘Grandma Bessie’s Scottie Dog’ that I bought as a kit from Alaska Quilting Aventures on EBay. It came with a Charm Pack of ‘Pure’ by Sweetwater, but for my first dog I used some Chenille squares which I also bought on EBay (where I get most of my fabric actually!).

Each square is 2.5″.

Chenille Scottie Dog toy/cushion

The second sewing project I did yesterday was a couple of baby blocks made from the left-over chenille squares from the scotty dog toy. Each square is 5 inches and for the extra squares required, I just used some squares from a charm pack – Kate Spain’s Central Park.

To make the blocks, just sew 6 squares together in the shape of a cross. Then sew right sides together all the way around, leaving one side open for stuffing. Before you sew the sides together, iron on any transfers/embellishments first (I used Beutron iron-on appliques). Turn right-side out, stuff with fibre-fill and insert a bell – available from Spotlight or any craft store. Sew the last side closed and voila! Soft, cute baby blocks – bright colours, nice textures and a pretty sound.

Fabric Baby Blocks with bell and applique

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