NEW! Denise in a Della Q needle sets – coming soon to Yarn Over!

I’m so excited – Denise needles now come in a range of gorgeous silk Della Q needle cases!

How cool is that! These fabulous sets are sooo pretty and let’s face it – way cooler than the old plastic storage cases!

I have one purple and one seafoam case coming soon – next week – the other colours are available by pre-order.

Basically there are two choices:

Denise in a della Q for Knitters – $95.

This set contains – 12 pairs of needles ranging from US 5 to US 19, 6 cords from 5″ to 19″, 4 end buttons and 2 extenders. (The contents of a knitting kit expanded to add US 17 & US 19 needles.) All in a tactile, beautiful case made of poly/silk, the della Q Que-i.

Here are the colour options –

Secondly, there is a Double Set available – for both Knitter’s and Crocheters – RRP is $120

Same colours available and the Double Set contains: the same 12 needle pairs, plus 12 crochet hooks in the same sizes, 9 cords from 3″ to 19″, 4 end buttons and 2 extenders.

Here are some pics:

All products and options will be listed online in my web-shop shortly!

PLUS we will also be stocking the full line of Della Q knitting needle and crochet hook cases – YAY!!

One Reply to “NEW! Denise in a Della Q needle sets – coming soon to Yarn Over!”

  1. Hi Yarn Over,

    I’ve been looking for some specialty knitting needles recently for a project that needed 16″ 9mm circular needles… I didn’t get too far at Spotlight. (In the mean time I got incredibly impatient and decided to try my skills at altering the pattern to suit a smaller sized set of dp needles and it seems to be turning out okay)

    I found the Denise range of interchangeable needles on the internet, and a link to your store, which looks great…

    I’ve just checked your website and see that you’re advertising new cases for these Denise needle sets but I was wondering, can I still buy the basic set of interchangeable needles without the added cost of the (lovely)case? …If so are you able to tell me what I can expect to pay for them?

    I appreciate your time and will make plans to visit soon, but I am from Logan so I thought it would be wise to email first so I can come mentally prepared 😉

    Thank you, Shannon.

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