Interview with Isela Phelps – Loom Knitter and Designer

Unless you were already a loom knitter, you wouldn’t know who Isela Phelps is. In the loom knitting world, she is considered to be one of the Masters! Her partner started the loom company Decor Accents (which has recently been sold) manufacturing beautiful wooden looms for knitting without needles. She has also published lots of beautiful patterns in books such as:

Loom Knitting Primer,

Learn to Knit Cables on Looms

Loom Knitting Pattern Book,

…and Loom Knitting Socks.

Gregory from Creative Helps has a wonderfully insightful interview with Isela on his blog. Maybe it will inspire you to take up this wonderful craft which is perfect for those who don’t like using knitting needles or perhaps have a disability which prevents you from knitting in the conventional manner. Loom knitting is also a great craft for kids who don’t necessarily have the co-ordination for regular knitting needles.

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