FREE PATTERN – Maree’s Victorian Baby Booties

My knitter Maree has been hard at work writing a pattern for a lone baby bootie brought in to the store by a customer. The bootie belonged to her as a child and was knitted by her Grandmother whom has since lost the pattern. Maree agreed to look at the bootie and write up the pattern for her (for a small fee of course!), BUT has very kindly agreed to allow me to publish it for you FREE of charge! How nice is that? Particularly as it took her the better part of a week to work it out! LOL!

I forgot to take a picture of the booties before the customer took them home but basically they are a Mary-jane style bootie with a double-thickness sole in garter stitch. You knit the sole first and then pick up the stitches around it and knit the body of the bootie.

They are knitted in 3 ply wool which ends up being for a 6-9mth baby. If you want them bigger, do them in a 4 ply/fingering, or if a smaller size is required, knit in 2 ply or laceweight.

Enjoy the pattern and if you knit them up, please send us a picture!


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