Yes you can knit socks on a tiny circular needle!

How? By using Hiya Hiya 9 inch steel or bamboo circular needles! They’re pretty tiny and take a lot of getting used to, so they’re definitely not for beginners. But if you don’t like Magic Loop or hate DPNs – why not try knitting some socks using these quality 9 inch circular needles?

Here’s a great video I found on YouTube – courtesy of Springers Yarn Nook:

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  1. Although I had difficulty bringing up your link to ‘sock knitting on 9 inch circular needles’, I found sessions 1-5 very interesting. I was unfortunately unable to get session 6 onwards. I was disappointed as I have small length circular needles and have not been able to master them. I was able to bring up all the other parts of your blog that I was interested in. Many Thanks, beryl Kirkpatrick

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