Homemade Lemon Butter

I have just returned to Australia from 2 years in NZ where I made jam, lemon butter and preserved, bottled fruit every summer/autumn season.  Of course, the weather was a lot cooler over there!

Now that I am back in Queensland, the weather here is too hot in summer to do anything except lie by the pool.  Which is a shame because that’s when we tend to get a lot of strawberries and peaches.  So this year, needless to say, I got nothing done.  In the last few days, the weather has cooled down a lot- enough to make it possible for me to stand over a hot stove!

So I got out my canning jars from NZ, sterilized 3 x 500ml ones and did a double-batch of my favourite lemon butter.

I used 8 eggs (60/70g ones), 1.5 cups of caster sugar, 1 cup of lemon juice and 4 teaspoons of rind, and 250g of butter.  I used salted, but I think low-salt would be better, not necessarily unsalted though because you want that ‘butter’ taste for spreading, not a lemon curd for tarts.

The recipe is here.  Make it in their quantities, or double it like I did – because I had a fridge full of cheap lemons!

I recommend eating it with Costco Blueberry Bagels spread with a little cream cheese, then a ‘schmear’ of lemon butter on top!  Yum!

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