Free Machine Knitting Pattern – Cotton Baby Pants on a Bulky Machine

I’ve been in lockdown for a few days now because of the COVID-19 outbreak and I also lost my teaching job as well. 🙁  So, what to do with all that spare time?  Well, I finally got a chance to dig out my knitting machines.  I set up my Empisal Knitmaster 150 bulky/chunky gauge knitting machine.  I have a ribber too, but the cast-on-combs are in storage somewhere else so I had to make do with the main bed.

I have had a Knit Radar K-7 attachment for this machine for years but have never used it, so I put my big girl pants on and set it up.  I had to watch a couple of videos on Youtube to get my head around it because the booklet that comes with it is not great.  I chose some Peaches ‘n Creme cotton yarn on a cone that I’ve had for years and knitted a test swatch.

My swatch came out to 17 sts across and 25 rows down.

So I cast on using the e-wrap method and followed the paper pattern in the knit radar, increasing and decreasing as required.  I also wrote down the pattern, reversing the instructions for the opposite leg.  I have been looking for baby pants patterns for AGES, using a bulky knitter.  I found one here but they turned out really thin – more like leggings.

The ones I knitted do have a narrow hem at the ankle but in the pattern I have put variation instructions for knitting straight, removing the last 5 decreases to get a wider leg.

I’m going to knit a sample in bulky wool so you can see how they turn out – stay tuned!

Anyway, here are the final pants:

The waist isn’t sewn up in this picture but you can see the increasing around the hips/buttocks to accommodate a nappy/diaper.

Here’s a picture with the waist sewn up:

I just folded it over and sewed it with my regular sewing machine.  I left a gap to insert elastic.

If you have a knitting machine with a ribber, you could cast on a nice,  deep ribbed waist, but it won’t be as secure as an elasticated waist, but then again, won’t be as bulky either.

If you’re a crocheter, you could crochet around the bottom of the legs to finish it off more neatly.

The final dimensions are:

58 cms from top of back to ankle

60 cm circumference of the waist (stretched – before elastic inserted)

25cm from front of waist to crotch

I think the pants would fit from 18 months to two years – at a guess.

Anyway, I hope you like the pattern.

Click on the link below to download a Word Document.

Chunky Cotton Baby Pants – Machine Knit

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