Needles that Knit – an excerpt – by Rev. A Russell Tomlin

The following is an excerpt from the booklet – “Needles that Knit” – by the Rev. A Russell Tomlin. This charming booklet I found in a second-hand book shop. The date is unknown.

The Message of the Needles

“We are to listen to the message of the needles – the message of the needles that knit.

What a fascinating diversion knitting is. How lost the ladies, in particular, would often be but for the happy occupation. how it supplies them with many hours of interesting, captivating thought and labour. How it redeems, with pleasant exercise, moments that otherwise would be heavy, tedious and long. “What do you do to pass away the time, ” someone enquired of an old Scotch couple who lived in a quiet little cottage in some far-away corner of Scotland. “Well, ” came the reply, “sometimes we just sits and thinks, and sometimes we just sits.” But on the whole, ladies do not like that quiet type of life. They like to be busy, and to be busy even in those moments, when they need not be busy. So they take up the needle, the knitting needle, and by its swift and clever use, turn the empty hour into redemptive, if diverting activity.

“Silent is the house. I sit
In the firelight and knit.
At my ball of soft, grey wool,
Two grey kittens gently pull-
Pulling back my thoughts as well
From that distant, red-rimmed hell
And hot tears the stitches blur
As I knit a comforter.

‘Comforter’ they call it-yes,
Such it is for my distress.
For it gives my restless hands
Blessed work. God understands
How we women yearn to be
Doing something ceaselessly.
Anything but just to wait
Idly for a clicking gate!”

But what is the message of the needles? It is a message that tells us we are all ‘knitters’ – weavers. That consciously or un-consciously, we are bringing together a pattern, a fabric called life, character, soul. That, like a garment in process, our lives move on to some completed plan, some definite design and end. We are weavers, knitters, and someday life will reveal the whole.”

Cuddle Cocoons for babies

My cousin Steven and his wife Natalie are having a baby soon. I have been madly making baby stuff and here is a pic of a crocheted cuddle cocoon which I made from this book

I haven’t got any in-stock at the moment but you can order it online easily.

Cuddle Cocoon crocheted in bulky Lion Brand Homespun

The pattern requires two skeins of pink Lion Brand Homespun (or any colour you like!) and one skein of white – also can be ordered through my site.

Another quilt

Just wanted to share with you the lovely quilt my daughter received for Christmas.  My mother won it in a raffle.  Beautiful isn’t it?!

My daughter's quilt for Christmas
My daughter's quilt for Christmas
Close-up of a square from my daughter's quilt
Close-up of a square from my daughter's quilt