My New Project – Tunisian Coat

I managed to finish this the night before I left for my cruise to NZ last month. It got LOTS of use, I can tell you! It was FREEZING – even in November!

The pattern is called the “Swain Sweater” by Megan Granholm. I crocheted it with Peace Fleece – tweedy wool/mohair, 9 x 100g skeins in Siberian Midnight (for an XL size) – in a deep midnight blue with ecru flecks:

You can find back copies of the pattern in Interweave Crochet, Winter 2011 issue.

I made a few modifications, mainly to the width of the button band and the neckline, as well as to the length of the coat.

THE Bible of Tunisian Crochet

I’m so excited!  My book “Encyclopedia of Tunisian Crochet” by Angela Grabowski arrived today:

“Arnie” Grabowski is a genius!  After struggling for so long to find a good book on this wonderfully versatile crochet method, I was thrilled to have found this one.  It covers EVERYTHING you need to know about Tunisian crochet and Arnie’s writing style means the instructions are clear and easy-to-follow.  The only comment I would make about this book (currently in its second printing) is that the next edition would be better in colour.  If you love Tunisian Crochet and would love to expand your skills and knowledge in this area, then this book is the perfect place to start!