Season 12 Dr Who Scarf – Cascade 220 Superwash

The original Dr Who Scarf colour combo in Cascade 220 was found on the site, but it is no longer running. However, thanks to the internet’s Wayback Machine, there is a png copy of the colour scheme available in the Cascade 220, and specifics on number of rows etc…

All we have done is substitute Cascade 220 colours for our own choices in Cascade 220 Superwash. Use our colour choices in the lovely Cascade 220 Superwash machine-washable wool and Witty Knitter’s colour chart to knit your own light worsted weight Dr Who Scarf from Season 12!

Cascade 220 Superwash Colours:

220: 9463B – Gold – substitute 220 Superwash – 877 Golden

220: 9488 – Christmas Red Heather – substitute 220 Superwash – 1922 Christmas Red Heather

220: 2453 – Pumpkin Spice – substitute 220 Superwash – 858 Dark Ginger

220: 9499 – Sand – substitute 220 Superwash – 1961 Camel (x 2)

220: 8885 – Dark Plum – substitute 220 Superwash – 880 Marionberry

220: 9459 Yakima Heather – substitute 220 Superwash – 865 Olive Heather (or 1912 which is now discontinued, but may be able to get some on Ravelry or EBay)

220: 9473 Gris – substitute 220 Superwash – 900 Charcoal

Please note that our colour choices have been based on the actual color card from cascade, as their website colours are not entirely accurate in real life

Moorish Mosaic Afghan – yarn substitutions – Cotton Fleece

This is a re-post (the old one got deleted) of a previous blog entry on the yarn substitutions I am doing for the Moorish Mosaic Afghan – from Interweave Crochet, Fall 2009.

The original pattern calls for Mission Falls 136 Merino Superwash, with a total value of AUD$220 – making it a very expensive project.  The colours are unique, though, which makes it harder to match colours.  at any rate, I have been posting yarn substitutions featuring various yarns that I stock, from budget (Red Heart Super Saver), to average (Lion Brand Wool-Ease), to high-end (Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece).

This post features Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece – a wonderfully light cotton/wool combo – perfect for our warmer climate – similar gauge to the Mission Falls (DK/8 ply) – but a much lighter yarn to work with.

So, for all you Aussies who love afghans, take a look at these gorgeous colours:

1.  Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece – 80% cotton, 20% wool, 113g skein, AUD$11/skein – 197m

Main Colour – new Age Teal: 3 skeins

Contrast colours: 2 balls of each of the following –




Terracotta Canyon

Hearty Merlot

Total Cost of Project = AUD$143.00

Grandma’s Rose Throw – yarn substitutions – Crochet Today March/April 2010

The new issue of Crochet Today – March/April 2010 has lots of fab patterns in it, but I really want to make “Grandma’s Rose Throw“.  The pattern calls for Red Heart Soft Yarn, which is beautiful in itself, but some of my customers prefer a natural fibre.  So with this in mind, I have some substitutions:

1.  Lion Brand Wool-Ease – though not strictly 100% natural (it is 80% acrylic, 20% lambswool), it still gives the feel and luxury of wool, but with the washability of acrylic.  Each 100g ball is $5.50.  Total cost of project is $77.00

For this pattern, you would need:

9 balls of Grey Heather –

5 balls of Seaspray –

3 balls of Black –

2.  Brown Sheep Company Lamb’s Pride Worsted:

80% wool, 20% mohair – 100g skein – 190 yards per skein.  $11 per skein – Total Cost of project is:  $187.00

Yarn colours suggested are:

9 balls of Grey Heather

5 balls of Seafoam

2 balls of Onyx

Obviously the more natural fibres are more expensive – it really just comes down to your budget and preferences.

Crochet Today – March/April 2010 – now in-store!

Yay!  The new issue of Crochet Today – March/April 2010 arrived by courier today.  I have it listed ready for purchase – 4 copies only.  Crochet Today will be a regular item from now on.

I am loving the “Grandma’s Rose Throw” pattern – so kitsch, so retro!

The pattern requires Red Heart Soft yarn in the following colours:

Light Grey Heather



Red Heart Soft is a super-soft and shiny acrylic in a worsted-weight.  This yarn is very economical and produces a lovely result at minimum cost.

However, if you wanted a natural fibre, I would recommend a pure wool or wool blend such as Lion Brand Wool-ease or Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride for a more traditional, though heavier, afghan.

See my yarn substitutions category for some ideas in natural fibres for this pattern.

Happy Crocheting!